Siandecorr is a young, vibrant and dynamic design consultancy mainly focusing on all residential and landscape projects from interior designing of an apartment to changing a dated decor of a house, from an old neglected garden to a lovely landscaped patio, from extending your home to installing new granite and marble stone.

Every need and requirement of each of our client is endeavoured to meet right from the conception stage through to completion of the project. We believe in designing your home with an extremely great passion and enthusiasm to respect every budget along with timeline as each of us is different in our own lifestyles thereby making our clients come to us time and again. We request you to express your choice of colour, style and decor first before we use our consultative design approach in order to shape the interiors suiting your needs and requirements.

So, inviting you with a very warm welcome to us for an extremely innovative design decoration at,


'Decorating the homes of tomorrow.'